Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nov 29th. Desktop power supply being a douche

Power supply kicking a sad puppy
So my desktop has being acting weird lately, very weird.  It shuts down randomly and the worst part is I blamed my videocard, when in reality it was all the PS fault.  I can only imagine what douche my power supply really is by drawing him kicking a puppy while having a cigarette   That's right, he went and light up a smoke, then walked up to a already sad puppy and kicked it.  All this, for nothing.  Damn you power supply, damn you to hell.



    How long since you dusted that fucker? Also, that fucking puppy just had it's dreams of never getting punted shattered.

  2. Hey Jengy! Thanks for the tip. I dusted the fucker and now it has 24 hours since the last crash. I always dust the inside of the comp, the videocard and the cpu but never the powersupply. Now I get it, he was jealous and acting out. As for the puppy, it has definitely seen better days.

  3. Fuck yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss that's awesome!