Sunday, December 29, 2013

My first paper craft design.
A fucking bunny of course.

I've made some modifications to the design but still need to do a test build.


  1. I wonder how you got this idea.

    Nice bunny, looks legit.

  2. Yah I was inspired by metarus robot to look further into paper craft.
    I've been doing some basic construction studies.
    Box, cylinder, cone, etc. -> I still need to build some of them.

    Also for the past few years I've been folding post its into little characters.
    It's a fun limitation to just use a single sheet.
    I'll post some photos of them sometime.

    One of the main things I learned from folding lots of them was the designs that could stand were the most interesting to me.
    So I think I will try to carry that over to how I will design paper craft characters.
    While metaru's robot is really cool it can barely stand and falls over at the slightest air current.
    So for the bunny I added hips and a much more stable foot design.
    Also I had the idea for overhanging edges on the face, it turned out cool and I think I will do some stuff with that concept.
    I't makes me think that not all forms need to have solid surfaces and can remain in 2D.


  3. Ha ah! Didn't realize you also thought about the logistics of it as far as the thing being able to stand on its own.

    Keep 'em coming, they're interesting to look at.