Monday, December 23, 2013

So... hello everyone. I promised I would post something on the blog every time Pixel Pile Driver does. A promise is a promise and, as a true samurai, I always keep my word.

This is a series of smiley I did for a forum.

That's a whale with a frame which I was too lazy to remove the background from.

Awkward laugh.

Some lil' dude throwing up from eating too much curry.

 As stage select icon for a game I never finished.
 A TV from back in the days when I started spriting like in Earthbound.
YES option from the same game as before which I never finished.

A hot dog (the kind you stick in your mouth).

 Princess what's her face from Aladdin.
 Some Angry Smiley for when you're pissed off because someone stole your candy bar.

A mushroom.
A happy smiley.
 My favorite smiley, for when someone lies.
Another smiley for when you read something and you think: ''Nah, that's bullshit''.

Please leave zillions of comments telling me how good I am.


  1. 1 zillion comments.
    So good.

    But yah cool.
    The liar smiley is AMAZING lolololololol

  2. Cool man! I look forward to seeing more stuff. I think the butt smiley is the best one