Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some quick thoughts on White.
I started with the knight, and thought "Yah, a lizzard thing for the knight. Hella cool".
Then I drew the pawn really quickly...... and I fucking love him.
So probly gonna go for something more like that.
Seems like a good contrast to have the White be cute and the Black be evil.
Plus I really like cute stuff.
Still gonna explore other designs tho.


  1. Is this for a game, Kirk? If not, don't you think this could be a nice activity for Pixelation? People creating various chess pieces?

    Anyways, I like where you're going with this. I really hope you push the originality of this to the extreme.

  2. Yah these are for a game design I want to make sometime in the future.
    Even tho I like chess a lot, It's not actually a chess game.
    Just chess themed.
    What kind of game is it?
    Well that's a secret!