Monday, January 20, 2014

Learning Promotion's tilemapping features.


  1. What is that, Promotion? Nice map, reminds me of Earthbound.

  2. I've been ignoring tilemaps for way too long so I'm trying to get better.
    Promotion has a really cool workflow, similar to Pyxel.
    With this I tried the "Draw now, tile later" approach that people talk about, and I think I'm starting to get how that works with Promotion.

  3. "What is that, Promotion?"
    It's another pixel editor.
    Promotion is a bit complicated but has some cool features ---> tilemap, really nice palette editor, symmetry, colored brushes, other stuff i don't know much about.
    GraphicsGale is nice and simple, has much better animation workflow, layering system, select/movement tools, and I've used it a lot.

    I want to be able to use both but I really think I will use each for a specific purpose.
    Example: PM does tiles well, but drawing characters in a tilemap document is really annoying because all layers and frames (which are the same thing in PM, really lame setup in my opinion) are forced to be tiles once you set the file to use tilemapping.
    So in the future I will build tiles in PM, paste to GG, and then do characters on a layer above.