Saturday, January 4, 2014


  1. Nice, the pencil scene reminds me of space odyssey (the movie).

  2. Heeey! I missed the biting animation! Super cool! Which software did you use?

  3. Thanks!
    The bite has some things I want to improve but its mostly decent.
    Used Graphics Gale for both the animation and the sketches.

    1. Wow, it really looks like it's drawn with a pencil. I would've never guessed it was done in graphic gale.

    2. I created an alpha channel and used light strokes to build up to dark ones.
      You can get the same effect with photoshop but I usually reach for GraphicsGale just because I like it.
      And of course it's really good for animation.

      When I first learned animation it was with pencil and paper.
      Haven't tried that feel for a long time so I wanted to revisit it.
      And you're right it looks a lot like this when you shoot each page with a camera --> except with a lot more wrinkles in the paper.
      Also I drew these on my 12'' cintiq, so it closer matches how I usually draw on paper.

      Also a software doesn't completely dictate the end result, altho it does have some affect on it.
      Make sure to mess around and try stuff.

    3. These were also made in GraphicsGale with similar process.
      That's why I put the "Dirty Pixel" tag.

  4. I haven't seen Space Odyssey but I think I know the part you mean.
    With monkeys and the monolith?

  5. Wow, I really like this. :)

    The one on top has a painting quality to it.