Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick tracing from Wild Women Of Wongo


  1. It's nice to see something like, it's different. I'm guessing observation drawing.

  2. It's literally just a tracing on a layer above.
    Super cheater style.
    Still fun and still learned something.

  3. I feel like there are these levels (in order of hardness) for gathering reference and making art: Tracing, Drawing from Images, Drawing from Life, and then Drawing from Memory.

    All can be informative, interesting, and fun, and do vary in hardness. But all are valid things to try! What did you learn from this Kirk?

  4. When I worked at Offbeat I had to make a bunch of small game items.
    I would look at ref, trace one, and then start over and draw from memory.
    This almost always ended up with a better result.
    Building the image from structure gave me a better understanding of the object itself.

    But this was just a quick outline trace.
    I chose this frame because they are making really awkward unclear poses that only make sense in context.
    What did I learn?
    I should draw more awkward poses.