Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Drawing with symmetry is magic

Autodesk sketchbook is cool


  1. I thought this was PPD, looked like his style, hehe.

  2. Naw, look at some of her earlier posts with the noodly people.
    Besides everyone knows that jengy draws way better than me.

  3. We definitely have some style sharing, since we've been artists together for so long!
    Nah, we are both good at different things, Kirk. You're a great animator. :)

  4. And I'm great at lockpicking. One would hope so, that's where I spent all of my skill points last time I gained a level.

  5. Technically, I'd be the most useful party member if we raided a dungeon. Jengy would get a -3 due to her low DEX and Kirk would get a CON penalty because he's sick. Let's face it, I'm a valuable asset of this team.