Sunday, January 5, 2014

makin stuff

Getting a new monitor and had to build a stand based on these instructions:

Works well!

Sexy too. 

I made a prototype cintiq with printed out images and backed it with cardboard so it was the exact cintiq dimensions so that it would fit in the mount (and I would have an idea of how to build the mount). 

I figured out a new way to take objects and wrap them in fabric. I was struggling with how to do this until I remembered a tutorial I saw online about making your own dress form from duct tape.

First I wrapped them in strips of tape (drafting tape here):

Then I drew cut lines and lines that indicated folds on the tape model:

Then I cut the tape off the model, laid it flat, and put the sticky side down on the felt, making it easier to cut.

Would be great to use this for something else. Made cutting the pieces out in the right shape a snap!


  1. Very cool, glad the Cintiq-easel works for you! Still happy with it myself:)

  2. It works really well, I tried it with my boyfriend's 12UX, and it worked great.
    The easel wasn't the exact size I needed, but I found a wooden board that I screwed wood screws into to fit into the back of the easel and drilled holes in that.
    I wanted to paint it since yours looked cool, but it's too cold here for drying times so I just wrapped the visible parts in felt.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Jengy and PPD are the offsprings of McGyver.