Tuesday, February 11, 2014


  1. I prefer this new version, she has more personality. Are you going to have all the characters specify in one type of food? Orange, candy, dairy, bread, meat, etc...? You already have two so I was wondering.

  2. lol no they wont all be food.
    Altho bread guy sounds awesome.

  3. Rooh why not :)? It'd be a nice challenge for you and it'd be a linking element with all the characters. The ink guy could be melted chocolate instead of ink. Take the penguin for instance. Why not frozen food? Ice cream for instance, frozen peas, I don't know.

  4. A bread swordsman, a long piece of bread as a sword (a two handed sword). There's something there I tell you.

  5. lol the food thing is definitely cool.
    There's already a vegetable guy too. :OMG ----------> altho I don't plan on giving him vegetable powers.
    It's a tempting theme to do but it's not what I was originally going for.
    I have some other ideas that aren't food based that I want to mess around with. -------> such as Red the ghost girl.
    Plan on doing other variations of the colors, as I think redoing pink was a good idea.
    If I end up with all food characters then you can say "I told you so!".

    1. Also:



    2. lol fucking fighting foodons......

  6. Oh right.
    I forgot to point out that the designs I'm doing are based around the color.
    Orange and oranges seemed to go together well.
    And your right almost every color could be associated with some type of food.
    But what I'm working with now is color = stuff. ------> not necessarily stuff that is all related.

  7. Aaahhhh come on man, those link you provided... your stuff is like 10 million times cooler (and you know it! :P).

    Just suggesting stuff anyway. You're super creative, I'm sure it'll turn out great no matter how you decide to lead this thing through.