Sunday, February 9, 2014


  1. I like this! Is it for another mysterious project? A game or is it you just having fun?

  2. Mysterious un named project.
    I like fighting games a lot, so I usually do character designs with them in mind.
    Some day I'll get around to making one.

  3. Ohhh! It's fighting game! I like your ideas, very creative and off-the-wall. Didn't realize he was a clown however. ;)

    It'd be cool if you could do a move sheet for all the characters in the game!

  4. Well he's not exactly a clown or a ninja or a dude/guy. lol
    I just wrote some character properties to borrow ideas from.
    He can juggle and ride a ball. ----> clown
    He can teleport and leave behind a traffic cone ----> ninja
    And he is a dude -----> guy

    Yah I'd like to add a few more moves to this one and then work on some of the other characters.
    I plan on doing a few variations of the others, but I am happy with most of them.
    Also want to design a Purple, Red, Gray, Brown, and White.
    And maybe 1 more with all the colors as a boss.

  5. Also thanks.
    I am trying to come up with weird ideas.
    Started with Orange's move list first because I thought he was difficult to make interesting.
    But I think he's turning out to be kinda cool.

    The visual style is somewhat based off of my game Kollide-A-Scope

  6. I did not know about that game.

    Well, the orange guy is more generic than the other characters I would say. I like his moves. If you could just find that little thing that makes him stand out! Like a traffic cone... could he be a construction worker ? Wouldn't explain the ball though.

    It's always nice to see things like these from you. It's like peeking into your mind, some sort of Burtonesque wonderland. Keep 'em coming!