Saturday, February 1, 2014

something a little different

So, I have a shitload of learning resources, in the form of books and DVDs, that I have either:
1) Not touched
2) Read partially
3) Read but need to revisit.

What I'd like to do is try to complete some of these books and share my exercises and findings on AC, since this is my primary blog and it keeps me motivated to do something everyday. Sometimes these books don't have exercises, but most of them do. If they do not, I will make up something to do based on what I learned.

Here's the list of the current things I want to tackle:

Traditional Art / Design:
Perspective Made Easy
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain / Workbook
Bridgeman's Drawing from Life
Artistic Anatomy
Design Basics Index

Game Art
Creating the Art of the Game
The Game Artist's Guide to Maya
Maya for Games
The Special Effects Handbook

Introducing ZBrush
Game Environments and Props
ZBrush Character Creation

Mel Scripting for Maya

The Animator's Workbook
The Illusion of Life
How to Cheat in Maya 2010
Animator Friendly Rigging
Character Rigging: The Puppet Rig

My first reaction to this list of a modest-looking collection of books on my shelf is

HOLY SHIT, that's a big list.

That's OK though, self. Baby steps. Baby. Steps. 

So I thought, if I decide a book isn't worth my time, I will skim the book for interesting new features and give it away. Poof. Fuck you shitty book. 

I also foresee myself returning to do simple drawings on days I don't feel like doing exercises, but otherwise I want to shoot for completing each resource somewhere within 1-2 months.

So that's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.  

Let's start this off with a book I've heard is cool: Perspective Made Easy.

I have a lot of issues with perspective, so I'm hoping that this will really help me kill some of my technical drawing problems.

So exercise #1: Book, box, brick.


  1. Force is a really good book and you can't go wrong with master studies of Bridgemen.
    My gesture drawing teacher is a fan of Charles Bargue here's a PDF of his stuff:

    Good luck cracking threw that list, it's a big one.