Thursday, February 13, 2014

This is just to humor Etienne a bit.
Don't get too excited!


  1. Hehe ;).

    I meant a bread samurai though (too cliché ?). Does the guy on the right turn into that big slice of bread on the left like a Jerkyll/Hide sort of thing?

    I think it having a linking element (in this case, food) would be a major asset to a fighting game like this one to stand out from the fighters crowd.

  2. For some reason, I would see the slice of bread with boxing gloves. I'll edit something up during the weekend if I have your permission to participate in the brainstorming.

    The problem I see with the slice of bread is that pulling moves for this guy would be pretty tough (for me anyway). I mean, what could he do? I really see him as the ''Zangief'' of the series though, you know, big and brawny. Grab other guys and throw them around, ok.

    But apart from that... Orange guy has the concept of oranges to back him up. Candy girl has pretty much and unlimited arsenal at her disposal (candy is unlimited, almost). The black ink guy reminds me of ''Twelve'' in Street Fighter 3. Same concept more or less, shapeless guy with spiky attacks:
    Considering that he's shapeless, he could be easy to pull out a move list from him.

    The yellow animal dude seems the least original for me so far (but it's still good!!!). He's more generic I find, sort of like pink girl before her edit. I'm sure you could find a twist to make it stand out more, give him more personality if you will.

    Also, in your list of characters so far, you don't have any big dude (like Zangief, E. Honda, Hugo, etc...). As I've said, Brown would be a good choice I think.

    So far: fruits, vegetables, Candy, melted chocolate, bread, ice cream...

    I could see Pasta as being exploitable. Alcohol? It could lead to an interesting guy or girl...

    OHHHH! Fast Food! That could work too. As long as you can find elements which are distinctive from the other categories.

    ALSO! Meat! Great topic for a big ''Hugo'' type of guy:

    Alright, just food for though!

  3. For yellow? Mexican Food? You know, like spicy food which makes you breath fire or something.

    How about a mix of a taco and those lucha libre guys like in Guacamelee? Could be something there my friend!