What is Art Challenge Awesome?
My friend and former co-worker Dom got me addicted to art challenges, so I started my own and now I draw monkeys.

The point of ACA is to make something every day, get better at drawing, and share your work.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join. Comment with a request on my beautiful elbow drawings and I will add you.

What are the contribution rules?

Any form of art is accepted...as long as you feel artsy fartsy doing it.
I concentrate a lot on digital art, but I also make felties, crafts, and cross stitch.

Art challenge for me is a creating at least one thing every day, thus, art challenge.

Why are some of the pieces shitty while others are more polished? 
I get sick, lazy, and sometimes I draw shit and post it, as tears wriggle down the crannies of my sad, puckered chin.

Sometimes I spend hours making something. The quality will always be different depending on time and mood.

You can spend 3 minutes on a drawing or 3 hours. Any time range above a few minutes is acceptable, but you are encouraged to spend as much time as you are able to maximize your practice.

Why do some drawings repeat?
Some drawings are brand new, while others are a continuation.
I try to at least only contribute repeats if they are significantly evolved.