Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend owly

this is the version without stitches...still pretty cute

mirrored photoshop drawing

this is the custom pattern I made to make the's shitty but it would be fun to see someone else make one!

there are some pieces that were improvised, so have fun with it! the gray owl in the second image is for size reference (everything should match this size). My owl was about 5 inches tall. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

made a checkbook cover today

it was nice to pry myself away from a monitor!
working on getting better blanket stitches, but it's gunna take time...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

i love lumpy's

color palettes


is a word my middle school geometry teacher said a lot. 
I think if I ever become a teacher I will pick one smart word to say a lot.
It will have to be a good one.

Drawing all the time creates an impetus to draw more. 
If you're unsatisfied (which is about, 90 percent of drawing) you'll keep going.

birthday present - plants vs. zombies / SMB3 crossover

Fuck yes. I did the math stuff.
Fucking awesome.

        int size = 16;
        float x = data.texel.x; 
        int a = x * size;
        a =  a % size;
        x = (float)a / size;

        float y = data.texel.y; 
        int b = y * size;
        b =  b % size;
        y = (float)b / size;
        float xTexel = InverseLerp(x, x + 1f / size,data.texel.x);
        float yTexel = InverseLerp(y, y + 1f / size,data.texel.y);
        float xy = xTexel + yTexel;
        float4 texelColor = float4(,1);
        return texelColor;