Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new exercise

today i did an exercise where I took a reference image and extrapolated from it.
The point of the exercise was to go more cartoony with the reference, but still study it.
I didn't go too cartoony but I did try just drawing with inspiration instead of copying things exactly.
Will try it out on other things.
Alright, here's the batch for today. Took a little break from tits from outer space.

Those were actually from a game I was working on to learn Japanese (I lived in Japan for a short while). The idea was to use a rpg to learn Japanese.

Don't know if youtube shows here but if it does I'll show you some gameplay next time.

Monday, December 30, 2013

New update about the girl with the big rack.
-made the shoulders broader
-narrowed the face some
-Added some shadows under the eyes
-Tweaked the eyes further
-Made the forehead a tad smaller
-I changed the color for the nose, which looks better.

The left boob is still badly out of shape but I focused mostly on the face for the 45 minutes this time around.

This is something we discussed last time. In this case, is the darker area broad enough to warrant an outline? This is one thing which I struggle with. I want to master volumes without resorting to shortcuts like lines which are not very realistic...

To clarify about the palette, PPD:

This is the palette I have so far. I'm doing this totally on instinct, I have no knowledge on color theory, I just do what looks right. 

I’m reading a book about acrylic painting and I’m trying to make connections to the girl I’m pixelling at the moment.


When I'm picking the color for the skin, is it with values that I should mess around with? For instance:

In the example above, the darkest area (the color with the most black) is the area where light reaches the least. Then, there's a gradation up to the foread where light reaches the most (area where the color is mixed with the most white).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Makin' a bit more progress but not much.

Things which need fixin':

-Shoulders are too narrow.
-Body is too small compared to the body.
-Boobs are very wip. They are surprisingly harder to pixel than I imagined.
-hair is getting better but I'm not there yet.
-haven't started the left arm yet.

I'm getting confused with the color palette...

I don't want to use color reduction and other techniques, I feel like it's cheating. I want to impose upon myself the same limitation I would have if I was drawing this with a pencil.

What about you guys? Any advice, pointers? 

Here's the ref (nudity):

bathroom drawing


and stuff

this started off realistic and then i was like...eff that

My first paper craft design.
A fucking bunny of course.

I've made some modifications to the design but still need to do a test build.

1 color + Black per 8x8 tile, no touching borders.
Makin' progress...

Another 45 minutes:

Another 45 minutes:

Saturday, December 28, 2013

So for today, I've started working on a portrait in pixel. Why, you ask?

Simply because I find this is the most difficult thing to do in pixels or at least one of the most difficult things.

This is the fourth time I attempt to do this and I'll show my progress here. 

I save a new version every 45 minutes.

So yeah, It'll get better and better. It'll be nice to keep some progress updates shots. No need for criticism at the moment, still too early.

Been juggling for a few weeks.
Here's some stuff I can do.


Half Shower?

Right Shower?

 Outside Throws

Knee Bounce

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The monkey dude from Gorillaz. Done with reference. Chinese is the name of my ex-gilfriend

(oh, he posted again!)

Merry Christmas everybody.

Here's mine, it's a man eating Panda:

I did it without any input from Pixel Pile Driver: 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Secret Santa for Drazelic on Pixelation.
Merry Christmas!